74th Charter Day 2011 Mayor’s Ball and Awarding Night

Inspirational Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Tonight, we celebrate the culmination of our commemoration of the establishment of our city. Since July 16, the residents of our dear city have celebrated the 74th anniversary of our city’s charter. It is only fitting that we reserve the climax of our revelry until the last night of our festivities – for tonight, we celebrate the 2011 Mayor’s Ball.

The legacy and continued success of our beloved city are guaranteed under the watch of our venerable city Mayor, Jed Patrick Mabilog. Through the leadership of Mayor Mabilog and our city councilors, Iloilo City continues to shine as the regional center of education, trade and government of the Western Visayas region. Yet our city leaders cannot function without the dedicated employees of the city government. Hence, it is only proper that we honor the most outstanding employees of the city government in tonight’s celebration.

Beyond the breath-taking churches, picturesque houses, modern buildings and booming industries, the greatest strength of our city can be found in its people. Our local civil servants are definitely among the greatest sons and daughters of our city. Sacrificing personal wealth in order to serve their fellow Ilonggos with passion and pride, the employees of our city government are truly the vanguards of public service in Iloilo City. Government employees neither share the privileges of those employed in the private sector, nor in the profits earned by our entrepreneurs. Yet our government employees persevere and excel in their chosen vocation.

Our civil servants provide inspired service to our fellow Ilonggos because they are committed to serve the public. In this sense, I consider them as the modern heroes of our nation. Oftentimes, we consider our overseas workers as the new heroes of our country, for they earn huge amounts of money from their foreign employment, which they remit back to the Philippines. In my book, however, the blood of our heroes and martyrs continue to flow in the veins of our public servants. Our government employees elected to stay in the country, despite greener pasteurs abroad. They have dedicated their careers to serve their fellow Filipinos. Indeed, the outstanding employees we honor today are the modern incarnations of our fabled national heroes.

As we look back and take measure of what we have accomplished as a city in the past 74 years, one cannot help but feel pride for the monuments that we have built, the industries we have strengthened and the cultural legacy we have enriched. Yet the greatest treasure of our city is its people. The civil servants we honor tonight are the true pillars of our city. More than bricks and concrete, the sacrifice and service of our city employees are what reinforces the sturdy society of our great city.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy tonight’s ball.