8th Social Work Week

Inspirational Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Honored guests, valued social workers, ladies and gentlemen, I am honored and privileged to give tribute to the men and women of the Province and City of Iloilo who are involved in social work. The celebration of the 8th Social Work Week is a chance for us to show our appreciation to the tireless social workers of Iloilo.

The passage of Republic Act No. 4373 or the Social Work Law in 1965 attracted interest to the field of social work. Social work is defined as the profession which helps individuals, families, groups, and communities develop, improve, maintain or restore their capability for coping with the demands of their environment, through the use of social work methods and interventions.

Acknowledging the need to promote social work and to protect our social workers, Republic Act No. 9433 or the Magna Carta for Public Social Workers was passed into law in 2007. The Magna Carta aims to improve the well-being of social workers, their working conditions, as well as their terms of employment in order to enable them to efficiently fulfill their functions in furtherance of the country’s social service and programs. The Magna Carta also declared it to be that State’s policy to develop the skills and capabilities of social workers in order to make them more responsive to the needs and problems of their clients, and to enable them to better deliver social services to our citizens. It is also the policy of the State to encourage those who have the proper qualifications to apply and remain in social development work in the government service.

I am also glad to note that the social workers of Iloilo are in tune with the worldwide movement to push for the Global Social Agenda. The social workers of the world are one in promoting social and economic equalities, as well as the dignity and worth of peoples from all walks of life. The social workers are also committed to work together in order to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

I highly encourage our treasured social workers to continue serving the Filipino people. The Province and City of Iloilo are proud of your unwavering commitment to public service and community development.