Ateneo de Manila Masters in Public Management Batch Two

Commencement Exercises Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to the second batch of the Iloilo City Government officers who took the Ateneo de Manila University’s Masters in Public Management (MPM) program. The dedication, hard work and commitment to self-improvement through further studies of Batch 2 have earned them their masteral degree in public management from the best academic institution in the country.

The Iloilo City Government is fully committed to and supportive of its employees. The wheels of public service will not turn without the service and sacrifice of the civil servants of Iloilo City. The additional training provided by the Ateneo through the MPM program will allow our treasured public servants to perform at an exemplary level, as they continue to serve the people of Iloilo with unparalleled zeal.

I am also very pleased that the City of Iloilo has partnered with the Ateneo de Manila, my alma mater. Like the Iloilo City Government, the Ateneo is dedicated to producing men and women for others, fusing in-depth professional programs with morals and good governance indoctrination. This allows the MPM program to produce graduates who are both skilled in the technical and management aspects of governance, while staying grounded to the basic fundamentals of good governance, transparency and honest public service.

The Iloilo City Government and the Ateneo de Manila have molded you to become model civil servants; armed with the intellectual prowess to make wise decisions, managerial skills to efficiently lead and direct our people, and the heart of a true Ilonggo and Atenean, which can never be conquered by the temptations that have plagued government service through the years. Congratulations to you all, and may you continue to serve our great city with pride and passion as Iloilo City moves forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.