Baluarte Elementary School

Turn-Over Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I am truly honored to join the faculty, school officials and students of the Baluarte Elementary School (BES) in today’s blessing and turn over ceremony of the new BES covered court.

As a staunch advocate of the development of basic education and sports, I firmly believe that facilities such as your new covered court should be constructed and maintained in all of our public schools. Your covered court is an excellent venue which can be used for various purposes.

This new school facility can be used as an ideal venue to hold general assemblies, school presentations, sports events, and many other activities which will surely complement the academic program of your distinguished school. I am glad that a covered court at the BES quadrangle can now be used by your students for their school activities.

We must continue to support the development of our public school facilities in order to enhance the quality of our nation’s basic education. Our public school teachers are doing their best in order to provide tutelage to our students. However, due to the limited facilities and resources at their disposal, our students are being deprived of the proper academic training that our education officials envision. The construction of school structures such as your new covered court is therefore necessary in order to allow our students to enjoy adequate school facilities.

Let us all work together to support our public school teachers in their noble quest to educate our young minds.