Batang Bida Sang Iloilo Year 2

Welcome Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

It is with great joy that I welcome the participants of the 2nd Batang Bida Sang Iloilo. We are blessed today with the presence of our future stars, performers, beauty queens and singing sensations. The next bright star of Iloilo City may well belong to the present batch of Batang Bida Sang Iloilo.

This competition is dubbed as an event which is “more than just a talent search, more than just a beauty pageant.” Indeed, it is spectacular program that transcends the reputation of such events as mere entertainment platforms. However, Batang Bida Sang Iloilo is not only a program which showcases the talents of our youngsters, for it is also a demonstration of the development of the children of Iloilo City as multifaceted young men and women.

The Batang Bida Sang Iloilo competition directs the spotlight towards our dearest boys and girls. Our youngsters are not only talented in various fields such as the arts, oration, music, dancing and other forms of creative expression, for they are also gifted with the personality and traits befitting that of true young Ilonggo gentlemen and ladies. Our contestants have the brains, the charisma and the artistic ability to become the fresh faces which could encapsulate, through their wit and character, the vibrancy of Iloilo City culture.

Batang Bida Sang Iloilo is a celebration of the innocence of youth, the promise of a brighter tomorrow through the potential of our children, and the remarkable talents of the participants of today’s competition. I am very confident that the parents of the participants are extremely proud of their children. To the young contestants, I bid you all good luck as you perform in front of your supporters, friends and loved ones. Thank you very much for partaking in this event, and may you all enjoy the show.