Becoming Premier City by 2015

premierCongressman Jerry P. Treñas has set a lofty goal for his beloved Iloilo City: to become a premier city by 2015. Treñas’ firm resolve allowed him to lead this bustling metropolis towards the path of progress.

The target may be labeled by some as too ambitious. But with his sterling leadership and the participation and support of the community from the business sector, academe, youth, media, religious sector, civic organizations and non-government organizations, among others, the “Premier City by 2015” pipedream is fast turning into reality.

Iloilo City’s booming economic growth can be attributed to the revolutionary programs and managerial philosophies of Cong. Treñas, while he was the city’s chief executive, forging strong public-private-partnerships in order to involve the private sector.

Treñas created strong relationships with private enterprises, encouraging businesses to invest and open shop in the city. Through his business-friendly administration, numerous industries thrived here.

A good number of business process outsourcing companies established offices in the city. The burgeoning commercial activity allowed the city to generate greater income, which was used properly and transparently to develop the city and improve its ability to provide social services.

Presently, Treñas continues to perform his duties to his constituents by implementing plans to achieve this city’s premier city status through his exceptional legislative performance and numerous projects for Iloilo City.