Bill Mandating Speed Limiters on Buses Filed in Congress

A proposed bill seeking to mandate the installation of speed limiters on all public utility buses was filed in the House of Representatives by Iloilo City Representative Jerry Treñas. The Iloilo City Solon filed House Bill 3624, which mandates all bus companies with franchises to operate public utility buses in the Philippines, operating both city and provincial routes, to install speed limiters on all public utility buses, limiting the maximum speed to 60 kilometers per hour.

Treñas cites the failure of public utility vehicle operators and drivers to comply with their legal duty as common carriers to exercise extraordinary diligence in transporting passengers. He added that too many lives have been lost due to the undisciplined driving of public utility bus drivers and the inability and unwillingness of bus companies to discipline their own drivers. By installing speed limiters, bus drivers will no longer have the discretion to run their vehicles beyond the maximum speed limits.

The Iloilo City Congressman also said that public utility vehicles are imbued with public interest, and that the operators of these vehicles could only ply routes because of the franchises given to them by the LTFRB. Treñas said that the LTFRB is imbued with sufficient powers to issue franchises provided that operators comply with specific conditions to ensure the safety of passengers. The LTFRB may also revoke the franchises of operators for failure to comply with the conditions set by the LTFRB and by law.