Boy Scouts of the Philippines

61st Annual Iloilo Council Meeting and National Court of Honor Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

It is with great honor that I welcome the Boy Scout leaders from Iloilo City and the Province of Iloilo to the 61st Annual Iloilo Council Meeting and National Court of Honor. Today’s annual convention will allow the Iloilo Boy Scouts leaders and officials to assess the performance and achievements of the Boy Scout units all over the City and Province of Iloilo.

All Boy Scouts swore an oath to do his best to his duty to both God and country. The Boy Scout movement arrived in Philippine shores in 1910 and has developed to become the premier organization which inculcates Christian and Filipino values to our young boys, allowing them to mature into men in the process. The duty of the Scouts to both God and country is a testament to the civic and benevolent nature of the Boy Scout movement. It fosters patriotism, social-awareness and self-discipline, thus teaching our boys to become responsible and competent members of our society.

The Boy Scouts of Iloilo also swore to obey the Scout Laws, to help other people at all times, as well as to be physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. While other groups and youth organizations, be they legitimate or otherwise, have focused on morally-suspect activities and deplorable vices, the Boy Scouts of Iloilo remain focused on their duty to uphold the Scout Laws. The prime directive of the Scout Law is for all Boy Scouts to remain trustworthy, which reflects the primacy given by your organization to one’s honor. In a society that permits vulgarities and other forms of indecencies, it is good to know that our young boys are still being taught the code of honor by the Boy Scouts of Iloilo. Honor alone is a treasure that can never be taken from anyone. It is an asset that is more valuable than anything that man can ever possess.

I am confident that the leaders of the Boy Scouts in the City and Province of Iloilo will continue the strong traditions of the movement. Through your inspired and innovative methods, our young boys will receive the proper guidance and training in order to become highly productive and honorable members of our society.