Bureau of Internal Revenue 2012 Tax Campaign

Message of Support

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

“There are only two things constant in life: death and taxes.” This well-known saying is the most popular quote on taxation. Unfortunately, it has developed to portray a negative connotation on taxes. The collection of taxes is demonized as a demoralizing mandatory obligation which drains the common folk of his or her hard-earned earnings. Nevertheless, there is another more accurate quote on taxation which is not often used in popular culture.

“Tax is the lifeblood of government.”

This saying, while foreign in mainstream media, is often quoted in jurisprudence and conversations in tax law. In law, the judiciary refers to this as the “lifeblood doctrine.” It highlights the importance of taxation in our society. Without taxes, the government will simply fail to function. There will be no roads for our cars to traverse, no guns for our soldiers to carry, and no employees to man our public offices. Simply put, the taxes that you pay finances the Republic of the Philippines. It protects us from threats, both foreign and local. It ensures that we have proper sanitation by funding the canals and drainages all over the country. It gives our children a better future by paying for the salaries of our public school teachers.

Without taxes, the Philippines will cease to exist as a sovereign state. Hence, the slogan of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for this year’s tax campaign is very appropriate. “I love the Philippines, I pay taxes.”

It is our responsibility, as citizens of this great nation, to pay our just share in order to allow the basic services provided by our national and local governments to continue. It is also our legal obligation to file accurate returns and pay our taxes on time. I therefore encourage everyone to support the tax campaign of the BIR. Let us all contribute our fair share in order to build a stronger and more robust Republic.