Bureau of Soils and Water Management – Regional Congress for the Small Water Impounding Systems Associations

Inspirational Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

The Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) is tasked to establish a national policy that will ensure the attainment of vibrant rural areas with sustainable agriculture and fishery productivity. Consistent with the mandate of the BSWM, the Bureau has initiated a Small Water Impounding Project program for organized farmers associations. As a product of this program, Small Water Impounding Systems Associations (SWISAs) have been established all over the country.

The Iloilo City Regional Congress for SWISAs in Region VI shall enable the BSWM to meet with the various stakeholders in order to be apprised of the issues, needs and developments concerning the operations of the Small Water Impounding Projects in Western Visayas. The sustainable operation of Small Water Impounding Projects is necessary in order to ensure crop intensification and diversification and to improve farm income. Moreover, soil erosion and nutrients losses will be minimized, and flooding at low-lying areas will be prevented.

It is also important to note that water impounding projects have been recommended by experts as important measures to mitigate the effects of climate change. Small Water Impounding Projects greatly benefit our farmers and food producers, as these projects aid in watershed management, agri-eco tourism, fishery development and irrigation for crop production. Water impounding projects are also beneficial to regions where there are pronounced wet and dry seasons. These projects store rainfall during the rainy season, allowing water to be used for irrigation during the dry season. This allows farmers to have two croppings each year, ensuring food security in their respective regions.

I highly applaud the efforts of SWISAs and the BSWM in promoting the organization and development of Small Water Impounding organizations in the country. May you continue to work hand-in-hand to establish efficient water management all over the country.