DepEd Division of Iloilo City

Inspirational Message and Tribute to Dr. Gencaya

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I am truly honored to join the teachers of the Department of Education Region VI’s Division of Iloilo City in today’s Division Action Cell. Today’s activity shall allow the teachers of your Division to strengthen your educational program for the betterment of public school education in Iloilo City. As always, I fully support your endeavors to advance the quality of education provided by the schools belonging to your Division.

Today’s gathering is also meant to honor the retiring Iloilo City Schools Division Superintendent, our dearest Dr. Erlinda G. Gencaya. Her exceptional leadership, unparalleled dedication and sincere desire to advance public school education in Iloilo City will always be remembered by the educators who belong in your Division. Dr. Gencaya’s contributions as Schools Division Superintendent of Iloilo City have redounded to the benefit of the teachers, staff and students of the City’s schools. I had the pleasure to work with Dr, Gencaya as both a City Mayor and a Congressman, and I can honestly say that her passion to educate our youth is truly without equal. Her remarkable skills as both an educator and a manager of the Division have impressed her co-workers and fellow civil servants. Your service to Iloilo City shall always be remembered with fondness, Dr, Gencaya.

As we bid farewell to our Schools Division Superintendent, I hope that the Division takes this gathering as an opportunity to contemplate on the achievements of your schools under the watch of Dr. Gencaya. Using her accomplishments as an administrator and education planner as springboards, the Division can develop and innovate new education strategies and efficient school management schemes in order to improve the quality of education provided by your schools.

Education is the catalyst that can hasten the development of our country. All Filipino leaders, farmers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and office workers owe their professional skills from their teachers. But perhaps the greatest wisdoms imparted to our students by our revered teachers are the values of hard-work, honesty and integrity. The amalgamation of traditional education with lessons of virtue allows our students to eventually become highly skilled professionals with unimpeachable moral integrity. Through careful planning and close coordination among your ranks, the Division of Iloilo City can safely ensure that this wholistic approach to education can be maintained and perhaps even be improved.

The presence of highly dedicated educators in this gathering comforts me, as I can surely rely on your Division to continue Dr. Gencaya’s legacy of academic excellence. May I therefore take this opportunity to express my utmost confidence and support to the teachers of the Division of Iloilo City. I hope that we can continue to work together to improve the quality of education in Iloilo City. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and thank you Dr. Gencaya for your passionate and brilliant service.