DOST-PAGASA Doppler Radar Program

Ground-Breaking Ceremony Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Weather forecasting, while not an exact science due to variables and erratic weather patterns, is not an endeavor which purely relies on clairvoyance or the proverbial magic ball. It is a well-calculated and studied profession which requires the latest technologies in order to accurately predict the weather. I am therefore pleased that the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will construct a Doppler Radar facility at the compound of the Western Visayas Agricultural Research Center.

The Doppler Radar will greatly boost the observational capability of DOST-PAGASA, enhancing the timeliness and accuracy of weather forecasts. The ability of our weather forecasters to accurately predict the weather in order to provide ample warning to the residents of Iloilo whenever a severe weather disturbance is detected will be of great aid to our people. The recent upsurge of violent storms and torrential rains has threatened the lives of so many Filipinos. It is therefore necessary to develop and maintain sufficient weather forecasting devices to properly and timely inform our people of incoming hazardous weather.

It is very alarming to note that storms, or even low-pressure areas, have hammered our country at an increasing rate. In addition, the intensity of these weather disturbances has strengthened, causing massive damage to our cities. Iloilo City experienced the wrath of nature during Typhoon Frank in 2008. Manila and other regions were left underwater during Typhoon Ondoy and last month’s extreme downpour of rain due to the hanging habagat.

As a tropical nation perpetually placed in peril by storms, and as severe weather conditions continue to increase in frequency, it is imperative to equip our weather forecasters with modern weather-gauging tools such as the Doppler Radar. The safety and lives of our citizens are in the hands of our dependable and committed men and women of PAGASA. With the proper equipment, our weather forecasters will be able to provide us with timely and correct weather forecasts, especially during the rainy season. Thank you very much and may you continue to serve our citizens with zeal and professionalism.