Electric Tricycle Turn-Over

Opening Remarks

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Ladies and gentlemen, the challenges of climate change and energy depletion are very real. The dire consequences of these global problems are already being felt all over the world. In the Philippines, we have suffered the wrath of nature, caused by unchecked carbon emissions. The rapid change in our environment has caused unpredictable and severe weather conditions. Our water levels have also risen at an alarming rate due to the melting of the polar ice caps. If we do not act now, catastrophes such as Typhoon Frank and Ondoy will regularly ravage our country.

Thankfully, there are some of us who have the foresight to act immediately in order to address the dangers of overdependence on machines that are reliant on fossil fuel. Visionaries such as the venerable Representative Teoderico T. Haresco, Jr. of the Ang Kasangga Party-List have already begun to combat climate change. Through the E-Trike project of Representative Haresco, we are blessed with a green alternative to our gas-reliant tricycles.

The E-Trike is completely powered by electricity. It does not discharge dangerous carbon emissions. In addition, our tricycle drivers and operators will no longer have to succumb to the ever-increasing oil prices dictated by the oil companies. Hence, the E-Trike is both an economical and environmentally-friendly vehicle that will definitely benefit the Federation of Iloilo City TODA, as well as the numerous tricycle passengers in Iloilo City.

Again, this innovative project is made possible through the initiative of Representative Haresco. The City of Iloilo is truly grateful to the good Representative of the Ang Kasangga Party-list for introducing this avant-garde vehicle to Iloilo City. Through the efforts of Representative Haresco, the E-Trike will eventually replace all fuel-based tricycles in the country.

Together, we have taken the first major step to save our environment and to save us from our over-dependence on oil. Thank you.