Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo 101st Founding Anniversary Iloilo Central Commercial High School Centennial Anniversary

Inauguration of the Filipino-Chinese Arch Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I wish to congratulate the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo for 101 years of cordial and prosperous partnership with the City of Iloilo. I would also like to extend my warmest congratulations to the Iloilo Central Commercial High School for celebrating its Centennial Anniversary. This month’s festivities mark a century of friendship, industrious commercial endeavors, and admirable social responsibility on the part of the Filipino-Chinese community of Iloilo City.

Today, we inaugurate a lasting testament to the unbreakable fellowship and bond between two great peoples. The Filipino-Chinese friendship arch is a structure that will forever immortalize the fusion of our cultural heritage. It is a landmark that highlights centuries of good-will and cooperation nurtured and strengthened through the efforts of the Filipino-Chinese community.

The presence of the Chinese in the Philippine archipelago predates the arrival of the Spanish colonizers. The immigration of men and women from China increased during the Spanish period and peaked after World War II, allowing Chinese culture and values to be integrated in our society.

The contributions of the Chinese people to our nation cannot be overstated. As demonstrated by our Filipino-Chinese brethren in Iloilo City, the Chinese Filipinos have actively supported our social programs, brought vitality to our economy and have served the government and private sector of the Philippines with loyalty and zeal. The Filipino-Chinese in Iloilo City are treasured members of our community. We highly value your steadfast dedication and your commitment to develop our city in order to bring progress and prosperity to Iloilo.

Let the Filipino-Chinese friendship arch be a lasting monument to a partnership made strong by centuries of camaraderie and mutual cooperation. Let it witness the continued success of the union of two peoples, bound together by their common goal to build a progressive Iloilo City.