Huaibei City – Iloilo City Agreement on the Establishment of Friendly Relations

Welcome Remarks

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, distinguished delegates from Huaibei, allow me to welcome you to the City of Iloilo. Our city is proud to host our friends who travelled all the way from Huaibei City in China in order to solidify the friendship between the peoples of our two great cities.

Huaibei City, which boasts of a booming economy centered on exports such as textiles and coal, is a fascinating and beautiful metropolis populated by friendly and industrious people. Iloilo City is honored to have an agreement which solidifies the friendship and partnership between our two cities. The peoples of our two cities share so many traits, making us kindred spirits despite of the vast distance that separates our cities. Both of our peoples are hardworking, affable, and dedicated to bring peace and prosperity to our respective cities. Moreover, our economies are both not confined to the domestic market, as both Iloilo and Huaibei have export-oriented industries.

Iloilo City and Huaibei City are also excellent locations for tourists to visit. I highly encourage the honorable delegates of the Huaibei Municipal People’s Government to encourage their constituents to visit Iloilo City, which is home to numerous tourist attractions and world-famous festivals such as the renowned Dinagyang. May I also take this opportunity to invite my fellow Ilonggos to visit Huaibei City, which is a charming locale in northern Anhui Province, China.

The friendship between the peoples of China and the Philippines has blossomed through centuries of cordial relations and profitable trade. The Chinese have been in contact and enjoyed excellent relations with the inhabitants of the Philippine Islands long before the Spaniards discovered our archipelago in the 16th Century. The Agreement of Friendship between the cities of Huaibei and Iloilo is a testament to the continued growth of the strong bond between our peoples. Thank you very much and may you all enjoy the sights and sounds of Iloilo City.