Iloilo City Lions Club and Leo’s Club

Message to the Inductees and Members

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we celebrate the 61st anniversary of Iloilo City’s Lions Club and Leo’s Club. We are also gathered here tonight to honor the newly-inducted officers of both clubs. Indeed, tonight’s gathering is truly a momentous occasion for all of the members of the Lions and Leo’s Clubs of Iloilo City.

The officers of the Lions Club and Leo’s Club will surely uphold the Lion’s motto of “We Serve”. The new Lions Club leaders are more than capable of strengthening the values and core principles of their organization. On the other hand, the younger generation can look up to the new officers of the Leo’s Club, who will surely reinforce the organization’s code of “Leadership, Experience and Opportunity”. With the ability to unite and transcend generations, the Lions have the means to fully serve their local communities through civic and charitable work. Despite of the prevailing apathy in our society, the Lions have invigorated the spirit of volunteerism among their ranks. I consider the Lions as heroes of the modern world, selfless men and women who provide counsel to those who despair and comfort to those who are weary.

The Lions may be the kings of the jungle, but the members of the Lions Club and Leo’s Club of Iloilo City live to serve rather than be served. They keep the nobility and dignity of a regal lion, but shun the worldliness and greed of a person born to privilege. The Lions share their blessings instead of devoting their lives to accumulate more wealth at the expense of others. They do not prey on the innocent; rather, they protect those who are defenseless.

The members of the Lions Club and Leo’s Club do not possess the deadly fangs and claws of a wild animal, but they do have the heart of a lion. A heart that beats to the rhythm of service and self-sacrifice.

Congratulations to all of the new officers of the Lions Club and Leo’s Club, and a happy 61st anniversary to you all. May the Lions roar with pride as they continue to be the model civic organization in Iloilo City.