Iloilo City Recognition of Top 40 Taxpayers and Private Partners

Recognition Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

The dichotomy between public offices and private enterprises is often seen in both the affairs of the national government and the respective local governments of our country. However, in Iloilo City, I am proud to say that the local government of our city enjoys strong and vibrant partnerships with private proprietors and businesses. Iloilo City and its private partners are one in their common vision of ensuring prosperity and good governance in our metropolis.

The local government of our city recognizes the top 40 taxpayers of Iloilo City for their valued contribution. As the old adage goes, taxes are the lifeblood of government. Without the payment of taxes, our entire society will collapse, as all of the services and infrastructure provided by the government are contingent upon the tax generated from our honest and patriotic taxpayers. The payment of taxes is not a burden; rather, it is a sign of patriotism and a strong expression of support to our country. It is our responsibility to pay our just share in order to allow the basic services provided by our national and local governments to continue. It is also our legal obligation to file accurate returns and pay our taxes on time.

Iloilo City’s top 40 taxpayers and valued private partners are what fuel our dynamic economy. The gains achieved by our great city are directly attributable to the contributions made by our citizens, in their capacities as taxpayers and private industry partners in nation building.

Your contributions to our city and to our country are indispensable and highly appreciated. Thank you very much for your unwavering support and admirable dedication to Iloilo City.