Iloilo City Representative Files Bill Increasing Salary Grade of Teachers

Quezon City – Iloilo City Solon Jerry Treñas filed House Bill 3114 which proposes to upgrade the minimum salary grade of public school teachers from Salary Grade 11 to Salary Grade 19. The legislative measure declares it a State policy to give paramount importance to the welfare of the public school teachers of the country, in furtherance of the policy of the State to give utmost priority to education.

“Our very own Constitution mandates that education shall be accorded the highest budgetary priority, and that teachers should be given adequate remuneration which should be enough to attract the best available talents to our pool of public school teachers,” said Treñas. The Iloilo City Representative also said that the country’s public school teachers are underappreciated and underpaid, and that the salary of teachers is not commensurate with the level of their expertise and with the amount of work that they do.

“We always hear our leaders and politicians say that we should invest in education to secure a better future for Filipinos. But in order to do so, we have to invest in our teachers and provide them with a just and attractive compensation. Otherwise, we will lose our best teachers to private institutions and teaching opportunities abroad,” said the Iloilo City Representative.