Iloilo City Solon Files Bill Seeking to Provide Philhealth Coverage for Barangay Officials and Employees

Congressman Jerry Trenas of the lone district of Iloilo City filed House Bill No. 3684 which seeks to provide free Philhealth coverage for all barangay officials and employees. The bill proposes for the inclusion of all barangay officials and employees under the National Insurance Health Program of the country and for the national government to pay for their premiums.

“Our barangay officials and employees are public servants who perform functions which are as important as that of the national and local officials of our great Republic. Unfortunately, they only receive a monthly honoraria, which is a pittance compared to the salaries of their counterparts in both the public and private spheres. With the small amount of pay that they receive for their dedicated and inspired service to their communities, our barangay officials and employees could not afford to enroll themselves in the National Health Insurance Program of the country under the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth),” said Trenas.

Trenas cites the need for everyone, including all barangay officials and employees, to benefit from a universal healthcare system which could adequately provide financial support to our citizens for their medical needs.