Iloilo City Solon Files Resolution Expressing Sympathy and Support for the Japanese

Quezon City – Iloilo City Congressman Jerry P. Treñas filed a resolution expressing the House of Representatives’ profound sympathy and firm support for the people of Japan for enduring a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, a devastating tsunami and threats of nuclear power plant meltdowns. The devastating earthquake that rocked Japan last March 11 was the most powerful in the nation’s recorded history.

Treñas observed that the global effects of the natural disasters occurring all around the world requires solidarity among the members of the international community in order for the nations of the world to work together to prevent and respond to devastating natural calamities. “All the countries of the world have to pool their resources and work together to rapidly and effectively respond to natural disasters such as the Japan earthquake and tsunami,” said Treñas. The Iloilo City representative also noted that like Japan, the Philippines is located along the Pacific “ring of fire”, an area of high volcanic and seismic activity. Treñas believes that the government should do everything in its power to prepare for such a devastating natural calamity.

“Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. It is also arguably the country that is most prepared in coping with earthquakes and tsunamis. Yet Japan still suffered wide-spread devastation,” said Treñas.

The destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami was so severe that Japanese Prime Minister Naota Kan called the disaster as the greatest challenge his nation has faced since World War II.

The Iloilo City Congressman, who is also the chair of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, also relayed his fears of the loss of lives and damage to property that such a powerful earthquake and tsunami could cause in the Philippines. Unlike Japan, the Philippines does not have the resources to respond to an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. He observed that the structural integrity of the country’s buildings and houses cannot withstand an extremely powerful earthquake.