Iloilo Scholastic Academy

Inauguration and Ground Breaking Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I have always firmly believed that education is the key towards a brighter future. It may sound like an old cliché, but education is certainly the greatest investment that one could ever make. I am therefore pleased that the Iloilo Scholastic Academy (ISA) has chosen to invest in the future by erecting the new ISA School Building and by constructing the new Preschool Building Complex of the ISA Campus.

The bricks and mortar used to build these structures of learning will also serve as the intellectual and academic foundation of the young students of your institution. While words heard or read are the building blocks of one’s cumulative knowledge, it is still necessary to construct structures that will house the halls where the educators of the ISA could impart knowledge to their young pupils. It is in these school buildings where great minds and future leaders will be molded.

Education indeed is a blue chip investment. Unlike business ventures or any other speculative risks, education guarantees a return that will definitely far outweigh whatever financial cost in incurs. The common and most obvious return, of course, is the ability of formal education graduates to either find employment in the professional sphere or to start an entrepreneurial endeavor using the knowledge he or she gained in school. However, aside from the earning capacity one will have through formal education, an educated individual will discover that education presents far greater gifts than monetary returns.

Education expands the mind and enlightens our path. It opens our eyes to a wide and panoramic perspective of the world. It bridges the world of concepts and philosophical thoughts to reality. It makes the human spirit whole as it allows us to absorb all of the wonderful and fascinating things that God has created for us. It brings us not only an abundance of knowledge, but also a profound appreciation of how complex the world is.

Through the construction of the ISA school buildings, your teachers will have a new home where they can share the blessings of formal education to the eager students of your institution. Thank you very much and may your school buildings bear witness to the intellectual growth of your students.