Iloilo Veterans Memorial Day 67th Anniversary of Victory Day in Panay, Guimaras and Romblon

Anniversary Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

The commemoration of the victory earned by the sweat and blood of our brave World War II veterans honors the sacrifice of our soldiers during the Great War. Through their courage and unflinching stand against the Japanese colonizers, the islands of Panay, Guimaras and Romblon were liberated from imperial rule.

Today’s event is made possible through the continued advocacy and participation in civic affairs of our veterans through organizations such as the Sixth Military District World War II Veterans Association, Inc. (6MDWWIIVAI) and the Sixth Military District World War II Veterans – Association of Sons and Daughters Inc. (6MDWWIIV-ASDI), in cooperation with the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) and the City Government of Iloilo.

The triumph of our Ilonggo World War II veterans shall echo through eternity. By literally painting the meadows of our land red with their blood, our veterans gave a priceless gift to their children and grandchildren, as well as the future generations of Filipinos yet to be born. We all enjoy the gift of liberty as a result of the sacrifice of our veterans.

In times when our resolve is challenged by overwhelming forces, freedom never comes free. One must pay the price in order to protect the cherished liberties guaranteed by our democratic and republican government. Our World War II veterans paid the price for freedom by risking their lives to rid our archipelago of foreign invaders. Fighting with audacity, resiliency and unrivalled tenacity, our soldiers successfully liberated Panay, Guimaras and Romblon from the heavily-armed imperial forces occupying our territory.

I therefore join the organizers of this event and my fellow Ilonggos in honoring our beloved World War II veterans. The sacrifice of our distinguished veterans shall never be forgotten.