International College of Surgeons – Philippine Section Midyear Convention

Opening Ceremonies Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Allow me to extend my warmest greetings to the delegates to the Midyear Convention of the International College of Surgeons – Philippine Section. Iloilo City is proud to host the greatest medical minds of the country, and a global organization well-known for promoting surgical excellence for the benefit of all mankind.

The International College of Surgeons (ICS) is a world-wide network of highly-skilled medical practitioners, boasting of general surgeons and surgical specialists from over 100 countries. Through the efforts of the Iloilo-Panay Chapter of the ICS to organize this year’s midyear convention, your members will have the chance to exchange ideas, build new bridges, and strengthen existing bonds. As a College composed of the brightest experts in your respective fields, you could coordinate your efforts in order to develop the medical methodologies and services employed by practitioner in our country. This is in tune with the vision of ICS of improving the lives of patients through the development and education of your organization’s members, and through the advancement of the medical field.

The theme of this year’s Midyear Convention is “Latest Technologies, New Practice, Future Directions.” It perfectly captures the desire of all of the members of your organization to improve their capacity to treat patients through continuous learning, use of avant-garde equipment and other modern techniques in their respective fields. The practice of medicine requires surgeons to be updated with the latest trends in your respective specializations. It is therefore necessary to acquaint yourselves with the latest developments in surgery, while sharing your expert knowledge with your fellow practitioners.

The advancement of medical practice is highly important, as the lives of our citizens are literally in your hands. I am therefore grateful for the efforts of your organization to improve your practice through constant study and frequent exchange of knowledge and ideas among your members. May you all have an insightful, inspiring and enjoyable midyear convention in Iloilo City.