National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines

Welcome Address

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, members of the National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines (NACPHIL), I bid you all a good day. We are gathered here today for the provincial assembly of the NACPHIL and the partnership orientation of NACPHIL with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The NACPHIL is a non-governmental organization tasked to promote nation-building and good governance through the deployment of chaplains among local government units. The chaplains of NACPHIL aim to promote a just and moral Philippine society by eradicating the cultures of graft and corruption, patronage politics, apathy, passivity, mendicancy, factionalism and the lack of patriotism. Aside from providing spiritual guidance to our local government leaders, NACPHIL is also engaged in community development projects for people empowerment and poverty alleviation. The goal of NACPHIL’s projects is to empower people towards social change in order to transform poverty to productivity.

As Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, I fully understand and support the efforts of NACPHIL to initiate a moral revolution among our political leaders in order to lead us away from the deplorable corrupt practices that have been institutionalized in our society. Our leaders should always remember that their sole purpose in government is public service. Amassing wealth and power for one’s personal benefit should be shunned by all of our government officials.

Through the efforts of NACPHIL, in close partnership with our friends from the DILG, our local government officials benefit from the moral and ethical guidance provided by the patriotic chaplains of the National Auxiliary Chaplaincy. May the chaplains of NACPHIL continue their admirable mission to guide our leaders towards the path of good governance.