National Teacher’s Month and World Teachers’ Day Culminating Activity

Inspirational Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I wish to express my warmest greetings to all of the teachers in attendance, as we commemorate our dear educators through the celebration of the National Teachers’ Month and the World Teachers’ Day. It is only fitting that we acknowledge the valuable contributions of our teachers in the lives of our students, and to society in general.

National Teachers’ Month is celebrated from the 5th of September to the 5th of October of every year by virtue of President Benigno Aquino III’s Presidential Proclamation No. 242. The Presidential Proclamation recognized the need to “celebrate the unique role and service that teachers play in guiding families, strengthening communities, and building the nation.” Moreover, the Presidential Proclamation also cited that it was issued in support of the World Teachers’ Day, which we celebrate on the 5th of October of every year.

The World Teachers’ Day was designated by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a day to commemorate the outstanding contributions of educators worldwide.  Since 1994, the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in numerous countries across the globe in order to emphasize the indispensable role of quality education in nation-building and in the improvement of quality of life. UNESCO also recognizes the need to push for the rights of teachers, as their ability to properly train our students is contingent upon their professional development and continued training. Moreover, the basic rights of teachers must be respected and protected.

Let us remember that a teacher plays an integral role in every professional success story that we hear or read about. Before men and women became business leaders and political stalwarts, they were young students whose minds were molded and guided by their dedicated teachers. From our most basic abilities such as reading and writing, to our intricate technical knowledge, we must always take it to heart that the wealth of our accumulated knowledge comes from the countless of class hours that were spent by our teachers to educate us on almost all facets of life.

May I therefore encourage everyone to join me and the La Paz National High School in honoring our teachers. Our dreams and aspirations were made possible through their guidance and support.