Navais-Borres Elementary School

Induction Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

To our honored guests, educators and today’s inductees, I bid you all a good day. We are gathered here to give praise to the inductees of the new officers of the Navais-Borres Elementary School. May all of today’s inductees continue the strong tradition of Filipino educators of academic excellence, exemplified through the outstanding efforts of the teachers of the Navais-Borres Elementary School. Through the inspired leadership of the new officers of your school, I am certain that the teachers of your prestigious institution shall be able to maintain their dedication and commitment to their honorable vocation.

Education is an intangible asset that is far greater than any treasure that man can possibly possess. Unlike material possessions, education does not depreciate. It is not susceptible to theft, garnishment or execution. It is attached to the mind, nay, the soul of a human being. In fact, it is the fuel that drives the engine of sentiency, a gift that hones the intelligence of man.

Yet while a human is born with intelligence, he or she requires to be educated in order to reach a level of sophistication worthy of a cognitive and logical being. Education, therefore, is the greatest asset that can be acquired by man. An asset that can only be acquired through the tutelage of those who belong to the noblest profession in the history of human civilization.

The men and women assembled here today, the leaders who we now induct, are the keepers of the flame that illuminates mankind. As you pass your torch to our youngsters, you impart upon them the wisdom to fully maximize their God-given abilities. Hence, our educators are the makers of kings, the tutors of statesmen, the instructors of our leaders. The greatest men and women in history owe their accomplishments to their teachers. For a human is but an empty shell, a collection of skin and bones, without an educated mind.

Let us salute the new officers of the Navais-Borres elementary school. They, along with the rest of the teachers of your school, have the awesome responsibility of shepherding our youth towards a brighter future through quality education.