Panay Bodes, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Masonic District RVI-A

Welcome Remarks

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I wish to extend my warmest welcome to my Masonic brothers and thank everyone present for indulging the invitation of Masonic District RVI-A. Tonight is an opportune time for us to celebrate our brotherhood and strengthen our fellowship.

May I also congratulate the Panay Bodes, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the Masonic District RVI-A for successfully hosting the 2011 Visayas Multi Orient and Visayas District Convention and celebrating its Golden Anniversary. Through the laudable efforts of the Venerable Master and Convention Chairman Bro. Jose Leo R. Contreras, 32ᵒ KCCH and Masonic District RVI-A Deputy Grand Master VW Wesley A. Barayuga, 32ᵒ MRS, our brotherhood was once again given the opportunity to gather as one to renew our commitments to our fraternity and to our fellow brethren.

We truly are blessed to have a fellowship composed of honorable and zealous men, ever committed to serve one another and our country. The bonds that exist among the members of our fraternity can never be broken. It is forged through the spirit of fraternal love, made sturdier through trials and tribulations and unbroken through the passage of time. Our fraternal ties do not yield to earthly challenges, for our brotherhood transcends the petty squabbles and issues that befall human society.

The vigor of brotherhood, therefore, should serve as the catalyst that shall propel us to greater heights. This, we do neither for personal glory nor fortune, but for the advancement and enlightenment of our nation and of mankind. It is our responsibility to lead our people to greener pastures. It is incumbent upon ourselves, as individuals united under one banner of ancient brotherhood, to become the beacons of selfless leadership in our modern society.

As we venture forth in our respective endeavors, do remember that even if you face the daunting challenges of this Earth in solitude, all of you always carry the voice of a brotherhood that can amplify a single brother’s tone into a thunderous orchestration of voices. For it is the unseen blanket of a united community of brothers that gives strength and confidence to us all.

Thank you, and may our commitment to our brotherhood never falter.