Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges National State Colleges and Universities Olympics

Welcome Address

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

It is with great honor that I welcome the participants of the 2012 National Colleges and Universities Olympics to Iloilo City. Our city is proud to host this prestigious week-long sporting event. This momentous sporting competition is made possible through the commendable efforts of the members of the organizing committee of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges Region VI (PASUC- Region VI).

The National Colleges and Universities Olympics will feature athletes from 111 state colleges and universities from 16 regions in the Philippines. It is a perfect opportunity for the participants to showcase their athletic skills through friendly yet competitive sporting events. Through athletic competitions, our youth can learn the concepts of teamwork, strategy and sacrifice. Moreover, participation in sports teaches our students to become competitive in their endeavors, without sacrificing chivalry and fair-play. The promotion of sports will truly compliment the excellent scholastic education provided by your respective schools

The 2012 sporting meet will also allow the numerous participants to bond with their fellow students and athletes from different parts of the archipelago. Students and faculty members from all over the country will have the chance to create new friendships, strengthen existing bonds and promote inter-school cooperation and partnerships among the numerous colleges and universities represented in the sports meet.

I highly encourage everyone to actively participate in the sporting events scheduled for the coming week. Come and cheer for your school’s athletes as they compete against the best sportsmen of your rival schools. Thank you very much and may you all enjoy Iloilo City.