Philippine College of Hospital Administrators – Visayas Satellite Symposium

Keynote Address

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I wish to welcome the participants and honored guests of the Philippine College of Hospital Administrators (PCHA) to Iloilo City for the Visayas Satellite Symposium of your organization. This year’s symposium aims to bring together hospital managers, doctors and healthcare professionals in order to discuss the challenges involved in the management of our nation’s hospitals.

The PCHA was organized to establish a professional practice of hospital administration in Philippine hospitals. Consistent with its vision of providing a life-giving and nurturing team of health care managers, the members of your organization have succeeded in providing quality management programs in hospital management, enabling our hospital directors to efficiently manage their respective medical centers.

This year’s symposium shall tackle the present challenges faced by our hospital administrators, taking into account recent developments and issues which affect the management of medical centers. The quality of healthcare provided by our hospitals is not only contingent upon the skill of our doctors. Efficient hospital management is equally important in order to properly provide the quality of service expected from our medical centers. The exceptional talents of our physicians will be for naught if they are not supported by a well-oiled management team that can maximize their outputs through professional administration of the facilities and departments of the hospital. Professional hospital managers should have the ability to coordinate, integrate and harmonize the various offices under the wings of a medical center. Reception of patients, consultations with doctors, in and out-patient treatments, emergency room operations, laboratory procedures and all of the other functions of the hospital should be managed properly. The operations of a hospital require a team-effort from everyone involved.

The hospital management should also be aware of the present issues affecting healthcare. Hospitals should be able to handle the growing number of patients due to the frequency of severe weather conditions and outbreaks of illnesses such as dengue. Through efficient hospital administration, the management teams of our country’s hospitals will be able to enhance their medical service through innovation, periodic continuing education and inter-department coordination. Thank you very much and may you all enjoy your symposium in the beautiful city of Iloilo.