Rotary International District 3850

Annual District Conference Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

Ladies and gentlemen, proud members of the Rotary International District 3850, welcome to Iloilo City. The Rotarians of District 3850 are composed of the finest men and women hailing from all over Western Visayas and Western Mindanao. Your organization boasts of a roster of members well known for their utmost dedication to the ideals and creed of the Rotary Club. Iloilo City is therefore greatly honored to host this year’s District Conference, as we are graced by the selfless and passionate pioneers and leaders of our society who have wholeheartedly given so much back to their respective communities.

The Rotary Club is one of the most prestigious service secular organizations in the world. Yet prestige is the least of the concerns of the Rotarians. Rather than bask in glory, the members of the Rotary Club have maintained a humble disposition – seeking to serve others not for the rewards or acknowledgment brought about by good deeds. Instead, Rotarians endeavor to serve their communities, the less fortunate, and the country without motive or need of praise. Rotarians are known for following their motto of “Service above Self,” opting to provide aid to those who are needy simply because it is the right thing to do.

Yet there is nothing simple with doing the right thing, as more of us are tempted to take the easier path of apathy and selfishness instead of opening our eyes to the grim reality besetting a good portion of the world’s population. It takes a true Rotarian to see beyond the shadow casted by our prejudice and uncaring attitude towards others. It takes a real Rotarian to view all persons, regardless of creed, color, gender or race, as equals and partners in building a peaceful and prosperous society. It therefore takes a person of unquestionable morality, professionalism, and zeal to become a Rotarian. Knowing right from wrong is easy. Doing what is right, in times of strife and moral challenges, is quite difficult.

May I therefore beckon you to carry on and continue your efforts to create societies that stare unflinchingly at the challenges of modern society, looking bravely into the eyes of corruption, deceit, and impurity, and boldly proclaiming through your selfless work that the Rotarians will never be outdone by tribulations. Continue to inspire our nation through your charitable actions and good work.