Senate and House Approves Treñas Bills Converting Elementary Schools into Integrated Schools

integrated_schoolsThe Senate and House of Representatives approved two bills of Iloilo City Representative Jerry Treñas converting Iloilo City elementary schools into integrated schools. House Bills 3154 and 4261, converting the A. Bonifacio Elementary School and the Bakhaw Elementary School respectively into integrated schools, were approved by both Houses of Congress.

The A. Bonifaco Elementary School’s conversion to an integrated school will help accommodate the numerous students coming from Brgy. Jalandoni-Wilson and the nearby communities of Brgy. Tanza-Bonifacio, Brgy. Tanza-Esperanza, Brgy. Hipodromo, Brgy. Tanza-Baybay, Brgy. Kahirupan, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Brgy. Malipayon and Brgy. Rizal Pala Pala I & 2, while Bakhaw Elementary School’s conversion will give access to quality education to numerous children in Barangay Bakhaw and its neighboring barangays.

Treñas expressed his appreciation for the approval by both Houses of the two bills, noting that the bills “will greatly enhance the access to basic education of our constituents in Iloilo City, as the conversion of these elementary schools into integrated schools will allow the accommodation of more students.”