Sigma-Rho Fraternity Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter Incorporated

Warmest greetings to the officers and members of Sigma-Rho Fraternity Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter Incorporated on the celebration of your 42nd Anniversary!

For more than four decades now, Sigma-Rho has strongly established itself as one of the major brotherhood institutions boasting some of the best legal minds who have significantly contributed to the development of the country’s judicial system.

Iloilo City is indeed fortunate to have organizations like yours that serve as active partner on various collaborations and cooperation as we closely work together to advocate excellent delivery of public service and promotion of general welfare.

Your theme “Sigma-Rhoans as Partners for Social Reform and Good Governance” clearly manifests your commitment to uphold justice equality and uplift human rights in making our society a safer home and a better place for everyone.

I  am confident that every Sigma Rhoan will always live by your vows of solidarity, loyalty, and brotherly service to the Ilonggos especially to those in need.

May the God Almighty continue to bless your institution with many more fruitful years to come!
Godspeed and more power!