SM Supermalls Earth Day 2012

Welcome Remarks

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

The planet Earth is the lone habitable planet in the Solar System. While astronomers and scientists have now discovered planets within habitable distances from their suns in the galaxy, there has yet to be proof of planets outside of our Solar System which could sustain human life. In any case, humans do not possess the technology to venture, explore and colonize planets which are light years away from our planet.

We are therefore living in the only known and accessible place in the galaxy which could sustain human life. The correct mixture of elements within our planet’s biosphere allows carbon-based life-forms to thrive in our home world’s unique biosphere. Unfortunately, our planet’s ability to sustain life is contingent upon the maintenance of ecological balance within our planetary surface. This balance, which has allowed humanity to evolve and prosper through the years, is being threatened for the first time in the history of human civilization.

Our sentiency and intellectual capacity allowed us to develop technologies which greatly aided our march to progress. However, the development of technologies, as well as the economic and production processes that must necessarily be done in order to sustain these technological advances, have seriously disturbed the ecological balance of our planet.  The price that we have to pay to enjoy the luxuries of progress is too high. Our mass production of commodities and development of lands to become highly urbanized centers come at a cost. Trees are sacrificed, rainforests are cut down to be converted into urban centers, excessive greenhouse gasses are emitted by our factories and automobiles. The collateral cost of human advancement is the very home planet of humanity.

We have succeeded in destroying our irreplaceable home because of our greed and unquenchable desire for economic growth. Our green Earth has been reduced to a massive labyrinth of concrete buildings and industrial complexes. We have exhibited a careless disregard for our natural resources, consuming everything without sustaining the gifts of nature. Mother Earth has been pillaged by the humans it so lovingly coddled.

At this juncture, the survival of the lone habitable planet in known and explored space relies on the swift and decisive action of every human being on Earth. We must end our careless and selfish ways and commit our efforts to reverse the damage caused to our environment by rapid and unchecked industrialization. As we celebrate Earth Day, let us remember our responsibility to our planet which has fed, housed and embraced humanity like a good mother. Now is the time to act and save Mother Earth. If we fail to act with haste, our entire civilization will perish. Thank you very much and may we all stand united in our common quest to protect our environment and save planet Earth.