St. Roberts International Academy 8th Foundation Week Celebration

Inspirational Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

It is with great pride that I congratulate the management, faculty and students of the St. Roberts International Academy of Iloilo City. Your institution has proven that an innovative approach to education is the key to improve the chances of our young students to be competitive in both the modern workplace and the current business environment.

May I also take this opportunity to commend St. Roberts for implementing a pioneering elementary and high school curriculum, which are centered on training students to be technology and business savvy, while maintaining the youngsters’ dedication to upholding religious morals and ethics. I believe that the amalgamation of entrepreneurial courses and technology-based studies with the curricula of our primary education students will greatly boost our children’s ability to succeed in the future.  It is extremely important to maintain a competitive edge in today’s highly saturated commercial society. Hence, the decision of St. Roberts to integrate unconventional courses is the correct educational policy which should be adopted by our educational institutions in order to empower our children to become outstanding entrepreneurs and professionals.

The St. Roberts Academy has taken to heart the principles of “Challenge, Believe, and Engage to Excel” as its mantra for achieving academic excellence. I therefore encourage the teachers and students of your esteemed institution to continue to challenge, believe and engage in order to achieve your goal. You must constantly challenge yourselves to become more than you are, as mediocrity and complacency have no place among the winners and achievers of our society. You must believe in your abilities, for it is through self-confidence that you will conquer the world. Finally, you must engage in activities and challenges that will test your boundaries. One must not be afraid to face the daunting tests which will surely block the pathway to success. You can definitely hurdle these challenges if you engage the world with the belief that there are no dreams that are too lofty, nor aspirations that are too ambitious.

Congratulations for 8th years of excellence and innovation in education. Thank you very much for providing quality education to the students of Iloilo City.