Third Visayas Pinoy Olympics

Welcome Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

I wish to extend my warmest welcome to the student athletes, faculty members, volunteers and event organizers of the Third Visayas Pinoy Olympics. This event is made possible through the efforts of the Iloilo City Cluster of Compassion International. I firmly believe that sports and friendly competition among the Filipino youth is a must in order to foster camaraderie, good health and teamwork. I am therefore grateful to the event organizers for organizing the Visayas Pinoy Olympics for bringing this event to Iloilo City.

Through the Visayas Pinoy Olympics, the participants will have the opportunity to harness their athletic skills through competitive, yet friendly, competitions. Moreover, sports events such as the Visayas Pinoy Olympics will allow the students to learn the concepts of teamwork, strategy and sacrifice. Participation in athletic events teaches our students to become competitive in their endeavors, without sacrificing chivalry and fair-play. Sports also diverts the attention of our youth from deplorable vices and other illicit activities.

I am also aware that the organizers of the aim of the organizers to aid the holistic development of the participants. While intellectual pursuits are of paramount importance, it is also important to have a holistic approach in the development of our children. Exposing our students to athletic events will allow them to progress on a wide-range of aspects in human growth, as involvement in sports cultivates social and moral development.

The lessons that our children will learn from sports will be of great use to them as they go on and pursue their professional interests. Working as a team at a very young age will allow our youth to easily adapt to the professional environment that they will experience in work, as synergy and mutual cooperation are necessary in order to excel in the workplace. By being aware of how fitness is important in order to be competitive in sports, our children will develop a mindset of maintaining good health through regular physical activities, preventing them from developing illness at an early age.

The human body is a great gift, and it must be harnessed to its full potential in order for us to truly appreciate the blessings of our physical being. Thank you very much for your active participation in this sports meet and may you all have a wonderful Visayas Pinoy Olympics.