Universal Peace Foundation Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival

Congratulatory Remarks

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

It is with great honor that I congratulate the participants of the Universal Peace Foundation to the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Iloilo City. Participants from all over Western Visayas, representing various faiths and ethnicities, have graced this festival in order to promote the ideals of the Universal Peace Foundation.

The Philippines is a country marked by numerous ethnic backgrounds and religions, yet it is the very diversity of the people of our archipelago that binds us together. The adage of “unity through diversity” is truly made real in the Philippines. I am therefore pleased that the Universal Peace Foundation is concentrating its efforts in promoting peace and unity through dialogue, cooperation and understanding among the various ethnic and religious groups represented in the interfaith festival.

The Universal Peace Foundation is an international organization which is dedicated to the ideals of world peace, which the Foundation espouses through the promotion of cordial relations among nations. Your foundation supports the efforts of the United Nations through your Ambassadors for Peace, which encourages constructive dialogue and cooperation among all humans, regardless of ethnicity or religious affiliation.

It is time for all members of the human race to do away with bigotry and oppression. Discrimination and all forms of racial or religious profiling should be abated in order to create a harmonious international society. In the Philippines, I believe that we have achieved an acceptable degree of religious and racial tolerance, as seen through the peaceful coexistence among the many faiths and racial backgrounds in the country. Muslim and Christians are peacefully integrated in the same societies. Filipinos of all racial backgrounds, be it Chinese, mestizo, or the many indigenous tribes in the Philippines, are living in harmony and sharing the resources of our country as equals. Nevertheless, there are still traces of minor bigotry and inequality in our country which should be eliminated.

Through the efforts of your organization, our society can one day totally eliminate all forms of discrimination and religious misunderstandings. Thank you very much and may you all continue to promote the advocacies of the Universal Peace Foundation.