University of Iloilo – PHINMA Education Network

PNP Affirmation Program Message

Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

The men and women of the Philippine National Police are the guardians of our society. Their valiant service is what keeps our country from falling into anarchy and chaos. It is therefore accurate to say that we sleep every night under the blanket of protection granted to us by our policemen. Hence, it is only prudent that we honor the service and sacrifice of our distinguished police officers.

It is extremely difficult to choose a life of service and danger. Unlike other professional endeavors, service in the country’s police force entails a considerable amount of occupational hazards. Our police officers bravely face hardened criminals, apprehend lawless bandits and provide security to our city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a grueling commitment which requires every police officer to stay physically and mentally fit in order for them to efficiently carry out their duties.

The service badge carried by our law enforcement officers proudly displays the words service, honor and justice. These three words represent the undying philosophy and mindset of the men and women of the PNP.

Our policemen volunteered to be of service to our countrymen. With no compulsion, and with full knowledge that their lives may be placed at risk because of the nature of their chosen profession, our police officers tirelessly serve our community in order to ensure peace and order. The men and women of the PNP are also distinguished because they serve with honor. The members of Iloilo City’s police force stay true to the chivalrous principles of the PNP. They do their job without compromising their dignity, for they serve the country with no expectations of rewards or laurels. Finally, our policemen safeguard the rule of law by ensuring that justice be done. The rule of law can only be preserved if those who violate our laws are apprehended and correspondingly punished. Our police officers are fully committed to this principle, for they are the arms of justice, the enforcers of our law.

I am therefore honored to join the University of Iloilo in commending our intrepid men and women of the Iloilo City police force. May our police officers continue to serve our city with courage and zeal.