USAID Philippines Cities Development Initiative

Launch Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

The USAID has proven to be an indispensable partner in urban development of the Philippines . Through the USAID’s Philippines’ Cities Development Initiative, the partnership of the United States and the Philippines will further be strengthened.

The aid provided by the United States to the national government and local governments of the Philippines has tremendously boosted our capacity to provide basic services to our people. I am happy to note that America, through the USAID program, has provided our country with more than Five Billion US Dollars in aid since1946. The generous assistance of the American government to the Filipino people has been manifested through numerous forms of aid, such as economic support, food assistance, infrastructure development and the enhancement of our nation’s agricultural production. However, I am especially pleased that the USAID will now include cities development as an integral part of its initiative to help develop the Philippines.

Iloilo City cordially welcomes and applauds the initiative of USAID and the US Agency for International Development to spread its development programs to the cities of the Philippines. The local governments of our country shall greatly welcome the generous assistance of the United States and embrace your development organizations as key partners in building progressive, peaceful and environment-friendly cities.

I wish to thank USAID for choosing Iloilo City as one of its beneficiaries for technical assistance under the INVEST project. The expertise of USAID will greatly assist the local government of Iloilo City in planning and organizing the key development projects for the city.

The people of the Philippines are grateful for the financial and technical assistance from the government of the United States. The friendship and special relationship between our two great nations shall forever prosper, as we face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century as strong partners in global development.