Visionary Leadership

visionary-leadershipUswag Iloilo is not just a catchphrase. It is a blueprint for greatness; a grand orchestration that mobilizes the entire Ilonggo community, acting in unison to build a metropolis that has now become a model of other cities in the region, and perhaps in the entire country.

Uswag Iloilo is a vision for Iloilo City that goes beyond politics and motherhood statements.

It is a vision that inspires Ilonggos to maximize their full potential to endlessly improve their sprawling metropolis; to regularly participate in community-building activities for the betterment of the city; and aspire to accomplish feats that bring honor and glory to Iloilo City.

This vision, which is inspired by hard work and perseverance of the people of Iloilo City, manifests in the actions and contributions of every resident of this city.

It is a vision that can be felt through the comforts provided by modern facilities within the city, through grand infrastructures, and by way of magnificent attractions that adorn the historic metropolis.

More than anything, it is a vision experienced through the warmness, sincerity and determination of the men and women of Iloilo City.

As a leader who envisioned this city to become a Premier City by 2015, Congressman Jerry P. Treñas continues to center his legislative agenda and local projects towards the development of Iloilo City.

His steadfast commitment to his vision is evidenced by numerous projects and legislative initiatives for his constituents. Notwithstanding his numerous responsibilities to address national concerns as a member of the House of Representatives, Treñas continues to advance and fight for the interests of this city to keep his vision alive.

Thus, Congressman Jerry P. Treñas proudly carries the torch of this vision in Congress as he pushes for legislative measures beneficial to Iloilo City in particular and the country in general.