Western Visayas College of Science and Technology 107th Anniversary

Anniversary Message

By Congressman Jerry P. Treñas

It is with great pride that I congratulate the faculty, students and the entire school community of the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) for celebrating your institution’s 107th Foundation Anniversary. For more than a century, the WVCST has distinguished itself as one of the leading academic institutions in Western Visayas. The reputation of your College as the premier technology-focused institution of higher learning is well-earned.

I am also pleased that you chose “Continuing the Legacy of Craftsmanship through Science and Technology” as your foundation week theme. It gives emphasis to the thrust of your College to develop mastery in both the use of modern technology and the sciences. The expertise of your highly-trained students will be of great use to our country, as we continue our drive to modernize our society and institutions. Moreover, I highly commend the teachers of the WVCST for challenging their students to broaden their minds in order to be innovative. The importance of innovation cannot be overemphasized, as it is necessary to push the boundaries of science and technology to keep pace with the astounding technological growth being experienced all over the world.

Craftsmanship through science and technology is a vocation well-chosen by the men and women of the WVCST. In a world that is highly dependent on ever-changing and constantly-expanding technological marvels, it is extremely important to maintain a work-force which could efficiently handle the rigors of modern technological devices. As experts in science and technology, the WVCST graduates are definitely considered as highly-valued members of the workforce.

The advancement of science has always been a barometer of the level of civilization that a society attained. Progress is measured through our ability to adapt to the latest technological trends. Through its continued excellence in technology-based education, the WVCST is poised to lead the Western Visayas, and the entire country, towards a prosperous and progressive future. Thank you very much and may you all enjoy your 107th Foundation Anniversary.